We are a highly skilled team composed by technicians that combines the most advanced technology to design, draw and model with the guarantee of efficiency and quality, we offer you a personalized service working permanently in the monitoring of the progress of our work.
We are located in Oliveira de Azemeis, one of the largest mold industry poles in Portugal.
We provide to our clients the best relation between price, delivery time and quality.

Brief History
Mission, Vision and Politics

Mission, Vision and Politics

For attribute the same importance to technical product development and strategic and marketing aspects that Proaz bet in the specialization of each of the areas in which it operates.

It is the effective management of the combination of this work and this philosophy, which allows the company to ensure full compliance of parameters considered fundamental in the century industry XXI:. Combine fast and competitively priced solutions to a high quality, with total capacity for the preparation of all the processes required for the manufacture of molds (from conception to the final piece).

Proaz is a reference company in the sector, forms partnerships with its customers and suppliers, promotes team spirit, develops skills and the well-being of its employees. It assures a quality management system, guaranteeing the fulfillment of its requirements and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness. Guided by the values of: Integrity, Ethics, Customer satisfaction, Competence and Professionalism.

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